Larry's Fishing Hole


With Spring right around the corner, it is time to get ready for open water Fishing.
1st we need to make sure we all get a New Fishing License by April 1st...
And next it is time to inspect, clean or repair all your fishing gear. So here are some tips to help you get prepared & in the mood for those 1st days out:
- Check all rod guides for wear that can damage line. Run a Q-tip in the guides to see if it catches on burrs and if so, you need to replace that guide along with any broken rod tip.
- Rub candle wax on male ends of each Rod section. This will clean & lubricate along with helping to keep sections seated while fishing.
- With a tooth brush & soapy water, clean rod guides, reel handles and reel seats, etc.
- Clean & lubricate your reels (check manual for help).
- Replace old lines that feel rough when dragging your thumbnail along them. Since this is the link between you and the fish, use good quality line and spool it properly for trouble free fishing.
- Clean & inspect lures, do any needed tough-up, sharpen or change hooks.
- Organize your tackle box and take inventory or equipment you may need.
- Now is a good time to get good spring deals on any needed tackle or equipment.
- Dig out your outboard motor and clean it up, change gear lube, clean or replace fuel filter and lube areas shown in the owner´s manual.
- DO NOT Forget the batteries, clean, check, charge them and fill with distilled water if needed.
- Make a check on All Safety Equipment and re-arm any inflatable life jackets.
- Do any needed maintenance on your boat & trailer such as wiring, lube wheel bearing and check tires.
By doing these things now, you will be ready to Go Fishing as soon as the weather breaks.
And DO NOT FORGET THAT NEW FISHING LICENSES - the old one expires March 31st each year.

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