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- We Wish You All SAFE & GOOD FISHING..!
We appreciate all who visit and read these reports.
Your support makes all the work worthwhile.
Thanks to all who help supply reports for us to share with fellow anglers.

We strive each week to compile the best reports possible.
However, we cannot assure total accuracy of info supplied along with any human errors that may occur.

- We welcome any fishing reports or photos you wish to send us for sharing with other anglers -
God willing we will try to keep these reports going to share with you again this year..!

UPDATED July 11, 2018

WE WISH YOU ALL A SAFE & HAPPY Fishing Season..!
Thanks to all who shared reports & Thanks to all who read our reports;
it makes all the work worthwhile.


Fishing success depends on many factors such as an anglers experience, the baits/lures used,
  the presentations/techniques, weather and other variables.  Our goal is to share information to help
  anglers improve their fishing success by making good decisions.
We continue to seek out and secure weekly reports on fishing conditions for most lakes
  and rivers in Central IL.
If a lake is not mentioned, it is due to a lack of current and/or useful information.
Many of our reports are from supportive anglers willing to share info to assist other anglers.
  Ultimately the real test of any lake or stream is to fish it.   GOOD FISHING.!

- Something you must consider is that fishing reports were about things and
  conditions that have already happened.   It is not always a forecast
  or a look into the future but a good starting point when heading out.

- This HOT weather has kept many off the water,
most are fishing early in day or late in day recently.
- Again, there have been just a few reports coming in this past week.
- Be sure to check those weed edges for fish
and try those topwater baits and/or frog too..
-- Also remember that BULLFROG season is underway through Oct. 15th
- Check our site for other Fishing info and events or just to get our Email..
* Again - THANKS To All Who Support our site and shared reports, stories and photos -
We Truly Appreciate them all.!!
-- Get OUT and ENJOY the Outdoors & some GOOD FISHING too.

* During the Hot weather days, Protect yourself from the sun and the heat, drink plenty of liquids.
  And, look for areas of cover and shade or deeper water structure to find fish.

- With mosquitoes out and those pesky Gnats or other biting insects,
Do as we do and not leave home or go out without a bottle or two of The Original Vanilla Bug Spray
to repel those biting gnats, flies and mosquitoes..
Don´t subject yourself or your pet to unnecessary pest attacks! To get your bottle now,
  visit www.vanillabugspray.com for locations or to order..
    Get out and ENJOY..!

- One other note is that we hear there are ticks out too...
Be Aware and here is a tip on - Tick Removal:
Spring is here and so are the ticks. Here is a good way to get them off you, your children,
or your pets. Give it a try.
"Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the soap-soaked cotton ball and swab it for a few seconds (15-20); the tick will come out on its own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away. Less traumatic and easy.."

* During this fishing season would a great time to set-up your guided trips..
- Consider hiring a local guide for a fish catching day out. They will not only provide good info
  but you will learn some useful fish catching techniques.
Check with the Guides that sponsor this page & those listed in our reports below.
* Or, Check with us for a list of Guides we recommend...

  ** CHECK OUR - ITEMS FOR SALE Page - For :
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  - - Notes Of Interest : -

- BULLFROG season is underway and runs through Oct. 15th Bullfrogs ONLY may be taken by hand, hook and line, landing net, bow & arrow and spear or gig and - Common snapping turtles may also be taken during this time by hand, hook and line or bow & arrow except in southern most counties. A sport fishing license is required; Limits of 8 bullfrogs daily with 16 bullfrogs possession limit and daily harvest limit for common snapping turtles is 2 with a possession limit of 4. * Common snapping turtles and bullfrogs may not be taken by bowfishing tournament participants * We Recommend you read full Regulations for more details and or exceptions HERE on page 6.!
* Check Your three-year Boat Registration/decal & renew your registration if it expires in 2018. The IL Dept of Natural Resources has changed the IL Boat Registration & Safety Act effective June 1, 2018.. The changes push back the expiration date of three-year IL watercraft registrations from June 30th to Sept 30th. The law also repeals Water Usage Stamp that was required for use of non-powered watercraft in IL. For full details, to find the watercraft applications page and More - Click HERE

- Wear Your Life Jacket: Life jackets save lives, & IL law requires life jackets or life vests (personal floatation devices, PFDs) be available for each person aboard a boat or other watercraft.


* From the IDNR Division of Fisheries.. Attention Anglers: Mussels May Not Be Used as Bait in Illinois
– Illinois fishing regulations prohibit the use of mussels of any species from any waters
  of the state as fish bait.
* An error regarding use of mussels appears in printed copies of the 2018 Illinois Fishing Information booklet (the online version of the booklet reflects the correct regulation).
Illinois fishing regulations now allow persons with a fishing license to possess up to 50 relic (dead) mussel shells by those who collect shells, or by those collecting relic mussel shells for educational purposes. To review the 2018 Illinois Fishing Information booklet online, go to the I Fish Illinois website link at https://www.ifishillinois.org/regulations/2018FishingGuide.pdf

  IDNR ask anglers to Help Stop the Spread of Invasive Species !  Best way
  is to: Remove, Drain, Dry, Your Boat Every Time  To fight the spread
  of aquatic invaders, "Be a Hero - Transport Zero."  Learn more HERE

* The New 2018 Illinois Fishing Information guide is now available in PDF format
on the IDNR website . Regulations in this guide are effective from April 1, 2018
through March 31, 2019.

* * There are some NEW LIMIT REGS for 2018,
  CHECK Below for a few of the Central IL Lakes. * *


- For Bank Fishing Opportunities in Illinois that are easily accessible,
  visit IDNR Bank Fishing page

- Disabled Outdoor Opportunities website
- And Accessible Fishing Areas in Illinois


- The IDNR is asking for your help to gain important information about Muskies caught in Illinois waters
by reporting them via Muskie Creel Survey Report Card The information gained from anglers is invaluable. This survey is jointly sponsored by the Illini Muskies Alliance and the IDNR.
Completing this form as soon as you can after your catch is much appreciated!

- The U.S. Coast Guard has a Free boating safety app mainly designed to provide additional boating safety resources for mobile device users. designed to provide additional resources for mobile users. USCG app download info & more

  * Mike´s Minnow Bucket west of El Paso is Open for the season.


  - Check our sponsors on the right for your baits, tackle, guide options and more.
Visit   their  website   links   on the right..   -----------------------------------------------> > >

* One big thing to remember is no matter how fishing may be for us anglers,
those Bait Shop owners have worked hard to keep the best fresh baits for us all to catch fish.
Please make sure to stop by and support those local (family run) bait shops for your bait,
supplies and for current reports and/or tips. This will help to assure they make enough to
stay in business and will be there for all us anglers when we need bait.

- - Near STARVED ROCK and South downstream:
- The river is normal levels again.
- Sauger were FAIR over weekend trolling crankbaits around Plum Island

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

For - OTHER LAKE REPORTS Outside Illinois -
can be found at bottom of this page
or Click HERE
* And Check Tom Reynolds of STR Outfitters comment on: During Summer,
  "Catch your limit and quit for the day, save some fish."

ANDERSON LAKE - Site Office 309-759-4484
* New 2018 Large or Smallmouth Bass Limit Regs = 6 Fish Daily Harvest Limit
  of 12 inch Minimum Length Limit..

BANNER MARSH - 3 access points on Routes 24/9 3 mi. NE of Banner,
  with a 25HP limit. (309-647-9184)

- - No New Reports from here.

DAWSON LAKE - East of Bloomington Exit #149 on I-74, North (right) through LeRoy 4-miles on CH21 then East at Moraine View State Park sign.
-- This is a " No Wake " Lake for those with motors over 10hp.
- - No New Reports from here.

EMIQUON PRESERVE - Between Havana and Dickson Mounds Museum on IL Route 78
- No Reports from here for some weeks.?
* We want to REMIND anglers of the Rules at Emiquon,
      and Rule #10 = No live bait except worms.
- - Check their website for updated rules & permits required, or go to Official Site RULES file.
* A LAKE ACCESS PERMIT is required for boating and fishing Each Year - Free & available at Dickson Mounds Museum, 10956 N Dickson Mounds Rd, Lewistown, IL from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call The Nature Conservancy at (309) 547-2730.

EVERGREEN LAKE - North of Bloomington to Exit #8 on I-39, and West just over 1-mile and turn left (south) at sign.
* This Lake has BOATING FEES and Evergreen Lake remains a 10 hp (or less) lake.

-- BAIT SHOP is OPEN with Hours: 8 am – 4 pm -- 7 Days/Week
-- BOAT RENTAL Hours: 8 am – 4 pm 7 Days/Week

    ** For a guide trip to Lake Bloomington or Evergreen Lake
    contact Paul Center of Angling Adventures at 309-454-8942

- Bass were FAIR on plastics, spinnerbaits and crankbaits off points and around humps
- Bluegills were FAIR with small fish around out weed edge and shore cover on waxies
- Catfish were FAIR and better in late evenings
- Crappie are FAIR-SLOW and little scattered with most small fish early or late in day best
- Reports of couple Saugeye caught while Crappie fishing late in evening

  2 miles South of Hennepin off IL Route 26, turn West on Road 810N & then next right.
* * Lakes are OPEN for season through September 3rd this year.
 Lakes are Closed on Mondays except Memorial Day and Labor Day. All you need to fish is
 a state license and one of their permits, which you can fill out on-site and good for all season.
 They have updated their rules and catch limits this year, on the advice of the IDNR.
  For the complete Rules & Regs details, click HERE

LAKE BLOOMINGTON - North of Bloomington to Exit #8 on I-39, and East for 3 1/2-miles.
---This Lake does have a BOATING FEE with a 40hp limit and Permit Required.
- Bass were just FAIR
- Bluegills were FAIR-GOOD with mostly small fish off the seawalls
- Catfish were FAIR-GOOD on dipbaits in late evening along breaks near mouth of creeks.
- Couple reports of Walleye on crankbaits off flats and points

    ** For a guide trip to Lake Bloomington or Evergreen Lake
    contact Paul Center of Angling Adventures at 309-454-8942

* Good News For bait:  * Mike´s Minnow Bucket Bait Shop   is OPEN for the season..!
* Check with them for your bait & latest reports   2.7 miles west of I-39 in El Paso, IL on US 24  

LAKE EUREKA - This Lake is only 30 acres
- Eureka Lake, overpopulated with European carp, the plan is to kill them off in August & start over.
  PJStar Story

LAKE SHELBYVILLE - Between Shelbyville and Sullivan - LAKE INFO LINE (217) 774-2020 and LAKE PROJECT OFFICE (217) 774-3951.

 - Crappie Guide Terry Davis tells us: "Get yourself a bucket full of minnows and when you think
  you´ve bought enough, buy more! The fish are really feeding heavily trying to put some weight back on
  after the spawn. We are consistently burning through 10 dozen minnows and having 100 fish days.
  Despite the heat, the bite remains pretty good throughout most of the day.
   Best times seem to be the morning and late afternoon. "

    Visit   www.clintonlakecrappieguide.com or   call Terry @ 309-212-6817   to book a trip..

PRAIRIE LAKE in Jim Edgar/ Panther Creek State F&W Area - 217-452-7741
  -- This is a " No Wake " Lake for motors over 10hp

* Road Closures at JEPC: A park road improvement/resurfacing project at Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area in Cass Co. will affect access to the site during the month of July and will require the closure of the site’s Prairie Lake and Questing Hills campgrounds from July 16-27. The road project at Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA. Site visitors may encounter road closures for several weeks while roadway improvements are made.

- While planning to make a Fishing trip to Rend Lake,   make sure to look into
  a stay at the new Gun Creek Fin, Fur & Feathers Sportsmens Club and ask about guided fishing too..

- Catfish remain GOOD on Hoss´s Hawg Bait fished along channel breaks.
  (See US Army Corps Report below for more)
- - Read the latest Fishing Report from US Army Corps who says:
"Please fish safely! Always wear your PFD when on the water!
You could find yourself in the water unexpectedly with little advance warning."

- - This Lake has a 10-horsepower limit.
- - Park hours April thru October 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
-- Water temps were around 80
- Bass were FAIR on plastics and early in day on topwater
- Bluegills were FAIR along weeds & weed pockets
- Catfish were FAIR on crawlers and dip bait along edges.
- Walleye were FAIR at times around rock piles on leeches

SPRING LAKE (South & North) - Just south of Pekin off Manito Blacktop, 5 miles northwest of Manito, and there is a 25HP limit. (309-968-7135)

* New 2018 Large or Smallmouth Bass Limit Regs = 3 Fish Daily Harvest Limit
  with Protected Slot Length Limit; 12-18 inches..

* New 2018 White, Black, or Hybrid Crappie Limit Regs = 25 Fish Daily Harvest Limit
  with no more than 10 Fish greater than or equal to 10 inches..

  Fishing is open during Park hours that opens at 9am every day. Call (309) 676-0998 for details
-- Anglers will enter and exit the park like all other visitors. A general admission fee is charged
  at the main gate or yearly membership privileges are applicable.
-- Fishing in all these lakes will be from shore, belly boats, or portable boats.
ONLY electric motors are allowed.
-- IDNR Statewide sport fishing regulations will be in effect and enforced.
* For More Rules, Regs and lakes map, visit wildlifeprairiepark.org/fishing


-- Daily Hours are 6 am - sunset
- Only Report was Catfish are FAIR on crawlers and/or cut baits

CLINTON LAKE - Three miles east of Clinton off Route 10 or 54 Ph 217/935-8722.

- Bass were FAIR-GOOD on plastics, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits along areas of rock & on points
- Bluegills are FAIR on wax worms in coves.
- Catfish were GOOD on most meaty baits by drifting
- Crappie were just FAIR at times on minnows in cool end of lake
- White Bass were Fairly GOOD on spinners & crankbaits - Also check out Spillway area

Check with Ol´ Joe for latest Fishing Reports and ALL your fishing needs..!

Also: Joe is trying very hard to sell his business in 2018, so if anyone is interested,
  please call him at 217-935-6244. Health, main reason.
  - He is offering a Great Deal on this shop, property and Includes his Huge inventory..!
  -- Turn-Key operation, 1 1/2 acres Bait Shop is only 6 years old and another building next door.

LAKE SPRINGFIELD - At Springfield off I-55 Exit 94 and go to east.

- Bass were FAIR off points in cooler part of lake on plastics, crankbaits & spinners
- White Bass were FAIR on spinners or jig/minnow

 --- Check with Trevor at Big Reds Bait and Tackle for your bait and current reports at 2193 Stevenson Drive in Springfield just a mile west from the lake dam. You can call them at (217) 679-1800
** While there, Check out his New baits and the KRAZY BLADES - One of the best White Bass, Walleye and Crappie Lures made..! BigRedsBait.com
* And get your bottom of The Original Vanilla Bug Spray to repel those biting gnats, flies and mosquitoes.

- Lake is Open Daily to fishing 6 am - sunset..
* Reminder or boaters, the new wind velocity rule of 12 mph will cause the ramps to be CLOSED.
With the windy days we have - it would be a good idea to
Call ahead at (815) 357-1608 to enquire on openings.

NEWTON LAKE - 16-17 miles southeast of Effingham off Route 33.
-- Got a report from weekend.!
- Bass were FAIR-GOOD early in day on plastics and spinnerbaits with couple on topwater.
- Catfish are FAIR-GOOD on dip baits
- Crappie were FAIR-SLOW on minnows

POWERTON LAKE - One mile south of Pekin off Route 29 along Manito Blacktop.
---- site Office 309-968-7135
- Lake is Open Daily with SUMMER HOURS (May 1st - Sept. 30th): 6am - 8pm

SANGCHRIS LAKE - South of Springfield off I-55 Exit 82 - go east on Route 104 about 10 miles.
-- Lake has a 25HP limit, Lake site office # 217/498-9208 from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
- Bass were FAIR-SLOW on plastics & spinnerbaits
- Bluegills were FAIR but most small
- Catfish were FAIR-GOOD crawlers and dip baits

 - - Check with Trevor at Big Red´s Bait and Tackle for current reports
  at 2193 Stevenson Drive in Springfield on your way to lake..

** For guided Catfish trips on Sangchris Lake, contact Jason Hill of Hill´s Guide Service
  217-855-2692   - or   www.illinoiscatfishguide.com

- LINKS or Other Lake Reports outside Central Illinois. -

- For Chicago area and southern to central Wisconsin Fishing Reports check out the
Chicago Sun-Times Outdoors section by  Dale Bowman

- MARK TWAIN LAKE in Missouri
---Check Out The Fishing Reports from the Good people at
South Fork Resort

  -   NORFORK LAKE in Arkansas
For current reports or to set up an Awesome fishing trip (we highly recommend), check Tom Reynolds of STR Outfitters at
- Here is latest Report from Tom:   The Striper bite on Norfork Lake is still strong for the first 2 hours in the morning. I have yet to find a secondary bite after 7:30 but will spend time this week finding new fish to catch.
This week we have multiple days where both Sean and I have limited out in less than 2 hours. In any given morning we will have enough bite to use over 40 shad apiece. Some bites happen so fast the client cannot react to hook the fish and others are just plain misses.
There is still an afternoon bite but most times it really starts at sundown and only lasts for less than an hour.
Now that we are in the summer pattern you will find them feeding in 40 to 120 feet of water. In the 40 foot range they will be on the bottom feeding. In deeper water the fish can be found in the 35 to 40 foot range feeding on shad.
We are catching stripers using 3 to 5 inch gizzard shad. The lower end of Norfork seems to be where the better bite is. I am seeing striper guides from the upper portion of the lake fishing near us. This tells me that the fish are moving south looking for cooler water with more oxygen.
Some places to start looking is the channel off point 2 from Diamond Bay to the Bluffs, Georges Cove, Koso Point, Dam Cove and Thumb Point.
- Remember, we are now in the summer period of striper fishing so you should stop releasing legal stripers caught on live bait. The slogan for the summer is "Grow Trophies, Catch Your Limit And Go Home." Catch your limit and quit for the day or change your target species. Save some fish for your next trip and watch them grow into trophies.
* Now we are in the summer period of striper fishing and it is time to stop releasing legal stripers caught on live bait. Studies have shown that between 16 and 20 percent of stripers caught on live bait will die within 5 days of being released. The percentage increases as the summer continues by August it will be around 40 percent.
Catch your limit and quit for the day, save some fish.

If you go to   www.arkansasstripers.com/catch_and_release_kills_stripers.htm   you can view the findings.

  Tom & Sean Reynolds have fished Lake Norfork for over 51+ years and they guide out of
Tracy Ferry Marina; you can reach him at  www.stroutfitters.com  , 870-421-1541 or on Facebook
  * We have fished with Tom a couple times and would highly recommend you contact him for your next fishing trip.!

- Read about our Outdoor Writers/Broadcasters Visit some years ago at Kentucky Lake.

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