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* * We wish to notify all who had ads posted here or in fact anywhere on the web
  where you use your email as a contact :
- There are scams going on where these scum bags prey on innocent people for their financial gain by sending you emails asking for some detail about you and asking price and that they will send payment and also have someone come pick up your item. After a few emails, they will send you a large overpayment check telling you to cash it and wire the extra money (western union) to person who will come by and pick up the item, then by the time the bank finds out it is a bogus check, you have already wired the money and now you owe your bank the money you paid out.
This is a bad thing - They just want to get your Bank Account number and more
  so we want you to be aware of this scam happening on the web
  and it has happened to us along other sites too.

  THE LATEST HERE is Email from -
  and they sign off as - God Bless - Pastor Chris

  - BE AWARE..!
- We have had several of these and have been able to get them to go away by asking detailed info about them, asking for a phone number to contact them at to talk about the item and to make it very clear that you will only accept payment in a form of the exact amount asking.. We usually never hear from them again as they figure you are aware of this scam...

      Therefore, we have shut this page down to shield others until we can clear this..

We at Larry´s Fishing Hole make every effort to prepare this site as accurately as possible. However, errors can occur by us as humans or by other outside circumstances.
We apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused.

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