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  For several years I have kept fishing logs with times of day, weather and water conditions, moon position, wind, where fish were caught as well as baits and presentations etc. Our log had also helped us support the major fishing periods and aids us in knowing what to expect when going fishing based on the current conditions.
  These logs are like having our own book of tips which can be very helpful to pattern fish even during these winter months. In patterning times and places to go fishing, there is no substitute for experience to better learn the habits of the fish you are targeting during different conditions.
  We recommend keeping fishing log books to refer back to and even if you are not fishing right now, it can be good reading material during winter months. Do not just keep track of number of fish but remember to keep track of successful patterns or trips as well as fishless trips to help plan return trips. Your log can include input from other anglers, from seminars you have sat in on or from articles you read. Additional details that can be important to note is lure size, type and color during varying conditions. With this data you have a good idea of what to do before you get there. NOTE: Enter data as soon as you get off the water while it is fresh in your mind so you don’t forget some details.
  Equally as helpful are using good lunar fishing tables for your area to know times when fish will be most active each day. Look for the peak times that best fit the season you are fishing. By this we mean, during late fall, winter and early spring look for those periods that occur during mid-day and during summer months go with early or late in the day periods near dawn and dusk.
  However, know that there are other factors that can influence fishing and just be aware of the weather and be prepared to adjust. This is when you can refer to your log to determine adjustments for any weather condition changes.
  Bottom line is take advantage of these peak moon periods, utilize this fishing tool and knowledge to better plan how you will fish. In other words, if during a major period you can fish faster baits since fish are actively move and during other times knowing fish may be more neutral, fish a slower finesse presentation tighter to cover or in the cover. It can really work!
 When using your log to determine patterns and spots to fish, even if your notes may suggest a pattern for your day out, do not waste time on a pattern if you are not catching or marking fish. Change up or move to another area till you find the fish. This happened to us last month while on Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas as we just knew the fish should be in brush at 20 – 25 foot. While relaxing that evening and reading our old logs, we came to our senses and the next day we moved out to some 35 – 40 foot brush and found fish.
  The more you can learn or the information you put together before going fishing, the better you can plan how you will fish and be able to better adjust to most conditions. Fishing Logs and lunar periods are two fishing tools that help to take the guesswork out of fishing by providing you with info to plan your trip and your Fishing Logs will provide info you can look back on for years.
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