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Late Fall Fishing Patterns

Weather is the single most significant factor that affects all wildlife activity including fish. Understanding the impact of weather on the individual species of fish you pursue as well as other factors including depth fished, water temperature and clarity are all important factors in your success. Storms and changing weather patterns affect fishing success since fish are keenly attuned to changes in barometric conditions. High winds and cold temperatures are also things you need to prepare for this time of year.
All fish are cold-blooded and cannot maintain their body temperature at a constant level as do humans and other warm-blooded animals. The temperature of the surroundings influences their body temperature and bodily functions, including how much and when to eat. Lower water temperatures slow fish body movements and decrease food intake. Understanding these biological functions allows adjusting lures and baits with slower (cold water) or faster (warmer water) retrieves.
Bass will or have relocated in more mid-range depths and as fall winds down and progress into winter, it is still important not to overlook shallow areas during any warm days, even as late as December, can bring bass back into the shallows. However, the bass bite will slow as water temps drop into 40s. Crappie and other panfish bite well or feed more actively as the water cools and they will at times move shallow along with the Muskie. This is also a chance to catch some catfish before they become inactive in the cold water or winter. Walleye also move shallow and feed actively in the cooler water making them easier to find, so check out your favorite walleye lake before it gets any colder.
The cool days have driven off most of the things that annoy many anglers like gnats, mosquitoes and jet skies. We can start fishing later in the day and are wearing jackets and maybe long underwear for this unique outdoors experience.
In patterning times and places to go fishing, there is no substitute for experience. We recommend keeping fishing log books to refer back to and even chatting with other anglers. Shad are larger in late fall, so imitate them accordingly while targeting brush and stumps. Late in the season, shad will begin moving out of the creeks and move offshore to suspend. This is where traditional winter tactics, such as vertically jigging baits such as spoons, begin to come into play. Fish may be scattered at all depths, may be feeding heavily and can become more concentrated making them easier to locate and catch.
We encourage you to prepare your tackle and boat for the effects of colder temperatures as you may become hooked on fall fishing, but that is ok. Preparing yourself and your tackle for cold weather you can quickly adapt to any climatic changes. Learning to modify your approach with changing weather can continue to put fish in your boat this time of year.
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