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"He Is Catching Fish, Why Not Me ?"

  For the past 20 years or so, fishing has become a major part of our lives and even more so since retirement. We fish about 110-125 days a year on several different lakes and find ourselves feeling more at home on the water.
  During a few years of tournament fishing we had learned much more about fishing, but now we mostly fish for fun and to put together info to share with our readers and visitors to our website. We enjoy sharing tips, techniques and info as well as love putting to use any new tricks we learn while testing new products or tactics from seminars.
  During this past year we have been asked the question "Why are others catching fish and we are not?" With this question many times we are also hearing "my usual way of fishing is not working". Well if the same-old, same-old is not working, it is time to try a new approach, try different spots and move around in search of good fish holding structure or locate baitfish.
  There are endless ways to find information or tips on fishing and if you are among those anglers who can take fishing information and use it during a situation for most fish, then you are in the group with some of the best fishermen. However, do not become one of those anglers who digs through specific details and stacks of fishing magazines looking for that secret article which describes their lake, their species of fish and the conditions they like most. Well this is not the way to do it. The best way to go about fishing is to learn enough so you can go to any lake or river and within a short time be able to find and catch fish. This is possible if you take the general knowledge or techniques and apply it to your water and fish.
  You may have heard the In-Fisherman Staff say "fishing knowledge is fishing knowledge and fish are fish", while referring to their F(fish)+L(location)+P(presentation)=S(success) formula. For us, we add in the major times for our area to this formula and put together our fishing plan.
  We have found that little details can make a big difference in catching fish or not. This can be as subtle as a slight difference in your lure retrieve such as speed or working it in a certain way. Watch others around you and experiment until you find something that works. A good start would be to just work on your casting accuracy or techniques such as flippin to enable you to get your lure into the right place. You can learn to be a successful fisherman, even if it takes some time, with practice it will soon happen.
  Tips: If you are getting the fish to strike but cannot hook them, you may be fishing too fast or maybe try using a plug that suspends when you pause your retrieve. Other factors can be hooks that are not sharp or a rod tip that is too soft. If you cannot land the fish, you may not be setting the hook solidly enough or you may have your drag set too loose. One other thing is to not let slack develop in your line during the fight.
  If you have watched fishing shows this winter, you may have seen and heard of the productive underspin lures. Well, this would be the Belly Dancer from Markey’s Lures we talked about in our product reviews and other articles. This is a fish catching lure that we have with us all the time. To get yours, check them out at or read our Product Review page on our results.
  The last tip we have for you is when someone gives you fishing advice, GET DETAILS ! As an example, fishing slow or fishing deep can mean different things to different people such as 10-12 feet is deep here but 25-30 foot is deep elsewhere. This will help take the guesswork out of your fishing.
  Check our website for more tips, fishing reports, fishing events / news and be sure to view our Classified page where you will find Depth Finders, Boats and even some Homes and property at
  Till Next Time, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING.!

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