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"Be a More Versatile Angler This Year"

  Many anglers think there are tons of secrets and tricks to being consistently successful. The key to success is versatility and learning to catch fish with a mixture of lures under varying conditions. We find years of experience and ability to be versatile has allowed successful anglers to fine tune their instincts for finding and catching fish. Although it does help to be familiar with a lake, remember, no one always catches fish that is why it is called Fishing.
  Too many anglers get set in a rut of fishing the same baits with the same presentations, on the same pieces of cover, at the same places and locked into the same depths. There is nothing wrong with having a preference for a particular fishing technique. In fact, many pro anglers are noted for their specialties. Truthfully, we too have in the past found ourselves getting hung up on fishing one lure but finally came to our senses and realized that we were limiting our success and missing out on opportunities. By all means, fish your strengths which will help your confidence but on the other hand do not die with one approach. Make your first goal to be finding patterns that will fit your fishing techniques.
  The fact is FISH MOVE and their moving is caused by changing seasons, changes in weather, changing water conditions and the number one reason is the location of baitfish or FOOD. You will find different fish species will be more active during different seasons. This is where a versatile angler who targets multiple species can adjust, find and catch fish on a given day under any conditions. We heard a good statement once: "If the fish are not where you are fishing or where you figure they would be, look elsewhere".
  Finding a pattern can come down to two basic levels. One would be that fish are relating to shallow areas around visible cover or holding on deeper structure that you found with your depth finder. Many times, and on many lakes, fish can be caught both shallow and deep and the separation can be difficult when trying to become a versatile angler. The point is to not limit yourself to just fishing shallow of just deep structure.
  A great time to practice being versatile is just around the corner, Spring Fishing. Sometimes fish can be tricky and unpredictable with the transitions in weather, length of days and water changes. These changes will affect plankton that affects the shad, which in turn will cause fish to move around looking for food. You may find during some times of year structure is not as important as bait fish or the desire to spawn. Stay open minded and keep trying or searching for baitfish or good spots that hold fish such as points, humps and islands. Keep a couple different lures pre-rigged handy so as to easily change your presentation.
  There is no secret lure, just attention to details such as what kind of structure are holding fish, at what depth and where the wind is blowing from that all will help you figure what fish are doing on a given day.
  Try to be more versatile, pay attention to details and even though you cannot master every technique, adapt with the basic selection of baits for shallow and deep-water fishing.
  We hope our updated weekly Fishing Reports helped you during the past fishing seasons.

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