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  We can remember our early years when fishing seemed simpler, our tackle fit in one small box. Fishing has become more technical in the past few years with more new lures, improved presentations and innovative techniques. With all of this new stuff and an overwhelming amount of fishing information, we hope you too have found the fishing shows to be helpful in learning new techniques and finding the tools to help put together a game plan for this year.
  Over the years we have gotten smarter and become more versatile in our fishing for many species while learning from all these these experiences. We realized there is a need to learn new techniques, or more important is to use and practice these new techniques so you will become more comfortable while gaining confidence which can relate to catching more fish. Fishing is like anything else with practice you get better.
  With these new techniques or presentations comes the need for the proper gear to make these more productive. There is a lot to be said about matching your equipment with your type of fishing. The past Fishing & Outdoor Shows gave us all an opportunity to see new tackle and hear the latest fish catching techniques during the many seminars from some of the best local anglers and pros sharing knowledge on fishing for all or any species of fish. There was a lot of tackle and new gear, various fishing guides, several impressive resort owners and more that we talked with this year so far.
  There are a lot of things to consider when putting a game plan together to fish unfamiliar water. A couple tips are to obtain as much information you can about a new lake to gain a better understanding of how fish react during certain times of the year, and during certain weaker conditions. Also a good topo map is a great tool for finding structure, if this lake is shallow or deep and just learning the many features on this new body of water. If you know some new lakes you may visit this next year, the outdoor shows are a great source of info by talking to pros or resort owners.
  One of our best resources is our fishing log that is tremendously valuable in developing a pattern for our fishing and to put together a game plan. This will help you to fit together all the pieces into a productive day of fishing and even have a couple rods rigged ahead and ready on each trip. Remember and note things that helped you catch fish such as weather, wind, air and water temperatures or even water conditions. Add to these the type of lures or baits and type of retrieve as well as many other details. Successful anglers have the ability to concentrate and develop a fishing plan based on current conditions.
  It is always best to have a game plan for the fish you will target and let the season give you ideas of the pattern fish will be in and where they are located and lures or baits needed along with best presentation to start out using. Conditions can and will change so be prepared to also change. Knowing what the fish are doing will help you to be in the right spots and know what may catch fish. Refer to a Fishing Calendar to know when fish will be most active each day.
  As we see it, this fishing season has started for us and our last tip would be to get organized. This is a great time to organize your tackle, gear and ready your boat - Oh Yeah Donít Forget to put the Plug back in the Boat. You will not only make it easier on yourself to fish but you will have a better idea of items you will need for this Fishing season. Proper planning and having a game plan is why anglers are more successful while allowing them to focus on their presentation and techniques to best fit conditions and this year you will be one of them.
  March may still have an Outdoors Show in your area, a great opportunity to find some new lures or gear, to talk with some great fishing guides, visit with a few resort owners and set in on informative seminars. If you can attend an outdoor show it will help to get your fishing season started, check our site for listings.
  This year again we will keep our Fishing Reports page updated each week during the fishing season. Watch our website for New Product Reviews and one to watch that we cannot wait to test is the H2O SWAT Buzzbaits. You will also find details on our New Fishing items along with other product reviews and more fishing material at
  Till Next Time, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING !

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