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Weedless Crappie Fishing

  While out on the lake crappie fishing on brush piles or sunken tree tops, we had a couple ask us how we were catching crappies. When we described off brush piles in 20 foot of water, they said it was frustrating getting hung-up consistently in the heavy brush or submerged trees making it impossible for them to catch these fish.
 We too can definitely remember this not being enjoyable, but with much time on the water and fishing brush, we have developed a feel for when our jig is ticking brush and when it is in the brush. However, this took time and patience to learn the art of slowly working a jig out with an open hook while crappie fishing in brush and hang-ups were still a challenge too often.
 Well it seems that Charlie Brewer too had many of the same frustrations of being displeased with hang ups and snagging fairly often that he developed the Weedless Crappie Slider. Now you could fish in those hard-to-fish spots of heavy cover and enjoy it while catching fish. Not only more fish but the fact of not losing so many jigs to hang-ups means a savings of money and less time spent retrieving jigs.
 As you know, we have been a fan of Charlie Brewer Slider worms for years and as we started using their Weedless Crappie Slider Grubs, a question came to mind; can we set the hook in a crappie with this weedless rig? Well, it did not take long for the answer, Yes we can. In fact, we found even small fish could be hooked while those bigger slab fish seemed even easier to set the hook on. And the best part was all these fish were caught out of brush without hanging up. Since we are talking about setting the hook, it is good to remember the Crappie bite is faint not like that of a bass, when fishing weedless baits. For crappie, you must set the hook as soon as you feel the slightest bite and with a little more than you would with an open hook.
 One other great discovery was that many other Big fish like Bass, Catfish and Walleye relate to or hang out around good crappie cover and were caught on this crappie lure too.
 The Crappie Slider grub is about a 1 3/4" soft grub body with a vibra-tail with action while the grub is swimming. The grub can be used on all the sizes of the Crappie Slider Heads rigged weedless or it can also be used with other jig heads. This grub has been proven to catch fish while casting, trolling, or vertical jigging.
 They have some great new colors we really like and we Thank the Charlie Brewer Slider Company for supplying sample Crappie Slider Grubs for our past Fishing Calendars. Visit for more on all their produces and the 3 and 4 inch Bass Grubs with the same vibra-tail action along with another of our favorites, the Double Action Grub which is a little over 3 inches long with vibra-tail action but with a wave or wobble action on the whole back tail section due to the unique design. We fish these as swim baits or trailers with great success.
 Visit for details, check Lake Reports, News, Tips, Product Reviews, and more.
 Hope Till Next TIme - GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING !

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