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Fishing from Back of the Boat

Everyone has to deal with fishing from the back of the boat at some time in their fishing lives. Sometimes this can be hard to cope with and very frustrating having a boat moving under someone else’s control from the front. This is something Linda has told me often and after we sold our boat while waiting for our new Triton Deep-V Aluminum boat to be built, I did some fishing from the back of someone’s boat. Now I understand what she has been telling me and will let her share some pointers with you this month.
The key to this dilemma is to keep the lines of communication open. Our days of tournament fishing taught us to work together as a team, but for some anglers fishing together too often can break down the lines of communications. As a team you need to compromise or speak up and this may be as simple as deciding which side of the cover or tree each angler will fish.
For example, many times both anglers are not using the same bait, the angler in the front of the boat using a speed-casting bait while the angler in the back is using a slow-moving bait, which makes for a very frustrating day of fishing. The key is to work together for an enjoyable day on the water.
To make your time in the back of the boat more effective, don't try to catch the same fish. Try using different size lures to appeal to different fish. The faster, more aggressive fish will get the lure as soon as it appears while the less-active fish and many times the larger fish will be more selective, often taking a slower moving bait.
Do not cast over one another, concentrate on making accurate casts, try to avoid hang-ups by casting to the side just a little ahead and not behind and fish different parts of the cover.
When fishing open water, the front of the boat does not have an advantage, so you both have an equal opportunity to fish structure, in fact, not having to worry about boat control on windy days makes your chances better.
Sometimes it is more effective to move up front with your partner so you can both fish targets or shorelines. This is more necessary when fishing vertical over a small target such as a brush pile or flipping in close quarters.
Usually one person is more effective at running the trolling motor, so sometimes changing positions in the boat is really not an option. There is nothing more frustrating for the person in the back of the boat then the positioning of the boat. Try to be patient with the person running the trolling motor, especially on windy days. Keeping control of the boat is not an easy chore. If this is not a problem you could swap positions with running the trolling motor if your partner needs to change a lure or lands a fish and recognize the times that are best for you to move up front with the boat operator.
One other suggestion I have is to do as I did and put a trolling motor on the back of the boat that I can run when I wish a different position. Larry has said he knows when he put me in bad spot because he can feel the boat turn.
Equal opportunity in a boat can be achieved by applying common sense and working together. Working as a team on this matter will save arguments and make for an enjoyable, productive day on the water.
Some anglers have even chosen a system of swapping positions after awhile to ensure an equal chance to make the first cast into an area.
The person in the front should not monopolize all the best fishing targets and if you have been out with a good guide, you have seen how well this can work.
Since the key to catching fish is to finding them and determine what they are biting on, working together will make for an enjoyable day of catching fish. We feel it is the obligation of the boat operator to see each angler in the boat has a fair or good chance to catch a fish. This may also require taking into account the skill of others in the boat on a given day.
An advantage is you are not handicapped by limited room in back and can catch fish from the back of the boat by recognizing the better spot to cast to and make those casts count, by watching ahead and being patient and by having a couple rods rigged differently.
We have both been there, we know sometimes being in the back of the boat can present you with a bad angle to the target and can be discouraging but there is as you see answers to this dilemma.
Hope these tips help ensure you have fun fishing in back of the boat as much as the angler in the front.
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