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Fishing Man-Made Attractors

Many of the larger reservoirs were cleared of trees during construction or they are so old the timber has rotted away.
However, most do contain plenty of man-made fish attracting brush piles, fish cribs or pallets structures sunken throughout the lakes by local guides, property owners, resort owners, fishing clubs and anglers concerned about fish habitat.
Many of these habitat structures are not only an attractor of most fish but are also a place of refuge for smaller fish as they mature.
This is where a locator or sounder is really helpful in finding these attractors and if you do not have one there are some typical places to look.
One of these is around docks which is always a good spot to start looking…
Docks make it easier and if there is brush near, it will be within a cast distance. Check corners and even inside the docks but do not disturb the owners property. Likely docks are those with rod holders, chairs, lights and a fish cleaning station. Also look for floating markers.
Docks in or near deep water will be much productive year round.
You can find sunken brush or trees at other spots around and out in the lake. These may be harder to locate and you will need a depth finder.
A good spot to start your search is at the month of coves and those near the channel are really worth a look. We start by keeping our boat in 20-25 foot of water while moving through the coves. Next we will check 14-18 foot till we get a pattern of the depth and areas or features these attractors are being place at. With this, you can many times find others around the lake on points, off flats and along small bluffs.
At Kentucky Lake we looked for areas with rock or gravel banks with pockets. Here we also found indicators along shore such as string going into water, markers on trees and even PVC pipes up off shore.
At Bull Shoals Lake the revealing signs are stumps on the banks and Arkansas Game & Fish blue signs (how nice of them). As a tip we would recommend checking the 18 -25 foot range for many brush piles in the creek arms and coves here.
At Shelbyville the guides seem to place brush piles along breaks or around the stick-ups and the Corp sinks trees in the coves. In 2005 the batch of trees we saw were placed in coves near “BO” Woods area.
At Evergreen Lake there is about every type of fish attractor from PVC to Christmas trees. Many of these are placed off points, at coves and around fishing docks. There has been a tremendous effort by the park to perform these each year and we have helped over the years and find it rewarding. The park district wants anglers to be able to catch fish and provide maps marking some of these attractors (how real nice of them too).
Even if a lake looks as though there is no cover for fish from the surface, most likely there are loads of brush piles that will attract all species of fish submerged out in the lake.
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