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"Hot Weather Fishing"

  When the summer temperatures hit the 90s in the afternoon, most anglers will do their fishing at sunrise and then retreat to the air-conditioning. But many of the fish, including Bass may remain active most of the day and we have caught some of our best fish mid-day.
  Another mistake is when we find ourselves feeling sluggish in the hot afternoons; we may also think the fish will slow so we slow down our presentations. But remember that where the fish are it could be 10 to 20 degree cooler water than the air temps and they may tend to be more actively chasing fast moving prey. When listening to some pros advice, you will find they speed up their presentation during summer to catch Bass.
  Many say to fish deep during summer and you can surely catch fish there, but not all are deep or sluggish. Fish near vegetation where most fish relate to that shaded area and we really enjoy fishing a scum frog on the matted vegetation for the explosive action.
  For best results when fishing in shallow water, find shade, areas with wave action and depending on the lake or river you are fishing, even current can be beneficial. For lakes with normal water level or lower, locate logs, laydown trees, stumps, under those overhanging trees, boat docks or other shoreline cover that casts a shade and offers shaded spots. If higher lake levels, fish flooded bushes or timber, weed line edges and other flooded vegetation. And if there was a summer rain, look for places where there is water flowing into the lake that could be cooler and washes food in at the same time.
  Some of the baits or lures we use most are soft plastics and topwater with feathered tail hook or deep-running crankbaits for when fish are holding in 8 -16 foot of water. In clearer water, the faster we will work the crankbaits and at times I feel a model without rattles can be better in clear water conditions or when a lake has a lot of pressure. A fast-fished crankbait makes enough noise to be noticed but more important is to bang or bounce off objects or cover. During hot water times many fish will even suspend during mid-day around or over cover so be sure to fish a bait that you can check the mid-depth areas too.
  Do not believe the myth that fish stop feeding in hot weather when in fact they should feed more during the summer months than at any other time. Also, do not worry about boat traffic as many times boat wakes actually stir up bait fish and make bass or other fish bite better.
  " If you are not catching bass, it may be because you are not fishing where the fish are or they do not want the lure you are using or even the way you are fishing it. "
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