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"Try Something Different This Year"

  In past articles and with the fishing shows over the winter months, you may have or will hear suggestions of fishing a new lake, trying a new lure or bait and maybe fishing for a new species of fish. We wish to share some ideas and things that have worked for us that you can try this coming fishing season.
  Let´s start by talking about Fishing Unfamiliar Water. If a productive area of your home lake is a creek channel on the south side, then start by going to an area that matches this on the new lake. Make sure to also fish the points, which can consistently produce fish, and work all areas and edges of these points. Next, we like to try riprap, such as around dams or bridges which hold food that attracts fish. Fish those spots where the rock sizes change and where the rocks end.
  One of our favorite areas are weedbeds as they attract baitfish and even panfish, which in turn attract bigger fish such as bass, catfish, crappies, walleyes or about anything that pray on the baitfish. The edges of these weeds are ideal spots and remember to fish around those boat docks that are also sanctuary for all fish.
  When looking for new waters to try fishing, do not overlook a river system that can be productive due to the current. This is mainly because current keeps oxygen levels high, which fish do not find in main lakes during the summer, and these waters tend to be cooler. Remember, fishing in current requires caution along with a need to position your boat so your bait will go with the current, as most fish will be facing into the current.
  Next, we suggest trying a new lure or bait this year, like attempt to bring up some deep water late winter/early spring fish with a jigging spoon, try topwater lures this summer by just working it slow over or near some cover. Maybe if you have never fished with plastic worms, rig one weedless so you can fish directly in the weeds where the fish are. Even go a step further and learn to pitch or flip under overhanging trees where other people don't fish (this really works). Crickets will catch big panfish, leeches can be used to catch bass, walleye or catfish and if you want to catch a lot of nice catfish, try Hoss's Hawg Bait dip bait. Spring bass fishing is a good time to try the dead stick method. When using Suspending Jerkbait or Fluke type bait, get your bait down where you want it and make long hesitations and during this dead period, just make slow twitches to trigger strikes.
  For a real Adventure, try night fishing this summer to get away from the heat and crowds. Just stay out an hour after dark or start fishing an hour before sunrise. We personally like night fishing during the full moon while there is more light, adding to the enjoyment of the sport. Or maybe next winter could include some Ice fishing, just Be Careful, fish with a partner and enjoy.
  Going after a different or new species of fish can be interesting. This could be just bobber and worm fishing around weeds for panfish, try jigging a minnow or trolling a crankbait near the bottom for walleye, fish a small twister tail jig or roadrunner around tailwaters of a dam for whitebass and stripers or just kick back and shore fish for catfish. You may or may not be able to take a day off mid-week, but we really enjoy fishing when there is less fishing pressure and having the whole lake to ourselves.
  Do not be afraid to try lures that are not thought to work under certain conditions. Anytime you present a different look, you have the chance to catch fish that may not have reacted to other baits. You may find that trying something different is all it takes.
  Keep in mind, fishing will be great during this coming spring and we are sure if you Try Something Different or new, it will keep your fishing interesting and FUN. And remember that hiring a guide can make it easy for you to take someone fishing with you. Some of the best fish-catching experiences may come from exposing yourself to fishing a new lake or to fishing for different species of fish and one that you can look back on and re-live.
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  Till Next Time, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING.!

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