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"Gaining Fishing Knowledge"

  Not often do good spots remain good fishing spots year after year and your success depends on the knowledge you have gained about fish location and fishing techniques for catching them at the present time.
  Like any of your interest or hobbies, the more you learn about fishing and the more you use or apply this knowledge, the more fish you will catch more often. Knowledge is a key to fishing success which includes skills you develop on the water, an area where we continue to learn and improve our fishing throughout our lifetime. With some information and a little practice, most people will be able to catch fish. But we need to find fish before we can catch them and knowing their behavior will help us to locate them much better. Even if you do not catch fish on an outing, be sure to leave the lake with some knowledge from this experience that will improve your fishing in the future.
  There are several good ways to gain knowledge: -Talk to fellow anglers, as most will share their knowledge with you as long as you do not become a pest. -Observe other anglers while on fishing trips as to how they fish, where they fish and with what presentation. -Read up on fishing and the fish you wish to target. -And attend seminars at expos, shows, boat dealer open houses, or other fishing events.
  Once you learn more on the species you fish for, you will be better at finding them, better at presenting a bait to them plus better at catching them.
  Today we all seem to want to learn or know everything about what we do instantly. Do not try to do it all at once, take your time, enjoy developing your skills and the appreciation of the sport but most of all remember to keep your fishing Fun.
  There will be some Fishing Shows or events in your area which are a great opportunity to meet and talk with some fishing experts to gain some knowledge and a chance to learn some of the most up-to-date fishing techniques during the various free seminars. Also see some of the latest fishing gear available and maybe find that last piece of gear before the fishing season starts as well as making some great contacts. One word of advice we use is to make a list of tackle or gear we need so we do less impulse buying during these shows.
  Even the most knowledge and best equipment will not make you a successful angler, but it will be the using and practicing of this knowledge at the sport that will improve your fish catching success drastically.
  Visit our website for details, read fishing reports, find a full list of all sports shows and other fishing events or info at We wish to say THANKS to everyone who sent us fishing photos and fishing reports last year, we enjoyed them all and look forward to hearing from you this year.
  Till Next Time BE SAFE & GOOD FISHING !

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