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Keeping Our Fishing Season Going

  With fishing being a major part of our lives, we find many things to do so our fishing season never ends. Winter can seem long and hard for a few anglers while several extend their fishing season by ice fishing. However, for us here in Central Illinois, we found some winters in the past did not provide enough safe ice. But those winters with various mild days provided opportunities for some open water fishing at the power plant lakes or you can find many other fishing related activities to keep you busy during the winter months.
  Winter can be the perfect time to clean, maintain and organize your gear and tackle while taking inventory too. Now you have an idea of needed tackle or gear so you can make a list to check for deals at Fishing Shows. Next would be to re-spool all your reels with new line, check rods and guides for damage and arrange tackle into storage containers so you will know exactly where each item is once you can get back on the water. We find this a great time to catch up on reading those fishing magazines, books or articles we never had time for during the year and even better now while you have more time to focus helping you to learn new techniques or tricks. We also use this time to plan and set-up the coming year fishing trips and prepare for the fishing shows we will be attending.
  There are some great Outdoor Shows in Illinois that offer a good opportunity to meet and talk with some fishing experts, learn some new tips and a chance to see the new and latest fishing products.
 These shows are a great place to see new and different types of fishing rods available. We always are reminded of something a rod rep told us several years ago and that is when buying a new rod, bring the reel with you or find one there to try on the rods. This is the only way to assure it will be comfortable for you. One other word of advice we use is to make a list of tackle or gear we need so we do less impulse buying during these shows.
  What we enjoy about these shows is getting to meet and talk with new people, getting to hear those fantastic fishing stories and we feel the interaction at these shows give us a positive attitude, one of the essentials for good fishing. The other three are knowledge, concentration and practice.
  These things will not only keep you busy with fishing related activities but you will be better prepared and ready for fishing, which for many of us will not be soon enough.
  If you are feeling shut in while waiting for Good Fishing weather, take in one of the local Sports Shows, we are sure you will benefit from the experience and you may even find that many have activities for the kids and whole family.
  Or visit us on the web at for a complete list of Outdoor (fishing) Shows along with fishing related info, lake reports, Places To Go page and more.
  Till Next Time, Hope this New Year is Safe and Happy, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING !

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