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Our Illinois Fish Biologists

We are sure you have heard something about our Fish Biologist here in Illinois. They are the men and women who devote much of their lives to keeping our fish and aquatic habitats healthy. They play a vital role in fisheries management and are in charge of our waters here in Illinois including complex research projects to nurture the dependent hatchery stock. And still many anglers know little or are not aware.
The more you know about our (or your) local fisheries managers, the more you too will appreciate them.
Their only limitations are available money, equipment and personnel that keep them from getting out all the information, educational programs and services they desire. One of their important duties in providing a good fishery is the establishment of rules and regulations for the survival along with their enforcement.
Fishing regulations have been around for hundreds of years but many changes have been made to conserve our resources due to high harvesting of fish. In past 60 years as more reservoirs were constructed, it became more important for the fisheries management agencies to increase such regulations such as the creel limits (number of fish harvested or kept). But as the number of anglers started to increase about 30-40 years ago, the catch rates started to decrease. Therefore, the fisheries managers implemented new regulations to help maintain stable catch rates in hopes of increasing the size of fish to anglers while ensuring natural reproduction and a balance to the entire system. Many anglers today complain about but tolerate new regulations knowing they are necessary and we can assure you that most fisheries managers would prefer a fishing system without regulations, but their evidence form studies support the need for them.
As volunteer Fishing Instructors certified with the IDNR, we have the opportunity of assisting the fish biologist with many fish surveys or related projects and the latest effort we assisted with was a rehabilitation of a Fulton County Rec Lake plagued with carp. After several years of study, sampling, poor fishing conditions and now the total lack of any vegetation, it was decided a rehab was necessary to save this lake. This well thought out plan included preparations upstream to assure elimination of invasive species, retrieving of fish to be placed in a safe lake during recovery and to reintroduce spawning fish back into the lake giving it a kick start. Even with all these facts and tremendous efforts to do the right thing, there were still many who objected to this rehab.
We as anglers benefit directly from all the expertise and hard work from our fisheries biologist and their efforts to establish the best fisheries in this State and we wish to praise the management and all of us need to let them know how we feel about the good job they are doing.
If you are feeling shut in while waiting for Good Fishing weather, take in one of the local Sports Shows. Find the ones that focus more on outdoor or fishing with a wealth of information for your areas of fishing, these shows offer a great opportunity to see new and all types of fishing gear as well as customs fishing rods. As always we recommend when buying a new rod that you take the reel with you to assure you get a rod that will be most comfortable for you. Be sure to catch one or more of the fishing seminars by by local anglers and stop by resort booths for a great way to put together and plan a vacation with some Big Savings and some fantastic fishing ideas.
We had booths at shows in the past and enjoyed meeting and talking with angler and those who visit our site each year.
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