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Sept.   30th   and   Oct.   1st   -   2nd


- How to Drop Shot Deep Crappie and Bluegill VIDEO
- Mepps still buys Squirrel Tails for making fishing lures, For details visit And for Illinois Season & Limits, visit this IDNR page
- Governor Rauner Signs Sportsmen Bills Aimed at Conservation and Investing in our young people who are passionate about the great outdoors. One is HB 5788 that adds catfish to list of aquatic life that may be taken by bowfishing. READ Full Release
   - A group of area sportsmen were granted permission by the Galesburg City Council recently to place a monument near east boat ramp at Lake Storey honoring Ken Russell for his 53 years of public service as State of Illinois Fish Biologist for Galesburg area. Al Hayden had this to say in his column in Galesburg's The Register-Mail  "For anyone not familiar with Ken’s service, he managed the Lake Storey fishery & introduced Walleye and Muskie to mix of fish the lake offers. As an educator, he has worked with area grade school children teaching them about aquatic life in area waters as well as assisting with the annual Galesburg Derby. Ken has also worked managing many other lakes and ponds (public & private) in West Central Illinois. Ken became sick a couple years ago and is still rehabbing. This monument will be paid for by donations to: Ken Russell Conservation Fund, c/o F&M Bank, 21 E. Main ST., Galesburg, 61401. (or any of 3 locations; Peoria, Brimfield & Galesburg) No tax dollars will be used.   Please help honor Ken and donate to the fund."
Oct. 1 - Fall Catch-and-Release Fly Fishing-only Season opens at nine sites. No trout may be kept during the fly fishing-only period until the fall trout season opens at 5 a.m. Oct.15.
Oct. 15 - Fall Trout Season gets under way at 53 ponds, lakes and streams.
For more info & stocked locations, Check HERE Remember all anglers — including those using fly fishing gear who intend to release fish caught before Oct. 15 — must have a valid fishing license and an Inland Trout Stamp unless exempt.
* Oct. 15th
- BULLFROG season Ends

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  Heroes On The Water
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    & the outdoors.

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-- As Fisherman, we must stick together and share fishing tips with others.
- With fall coming in and cooler night, water temps are dropping and having an effect on fish activity and feeding.
As temps drop fish can be found anywhere from shallow to deep.
- To help here is a break down of the
Fall Fishing Season..
- However, in some lakes across Central Illinois during start of fall there is a short-lived period
called the Turnover when fishing can get tough. The good news is it does not happen on all lakes
at the same time, and in fact at some lake it does not even happen.
The best way to fight or handle slow fishing during the turnover period is to switch to another lake or even a river.
Once the lake has turned over, fish will begin their fall patterns.
If switching to another lake is not an option for you, try trolling a crankbait
or throwing a swimming jig to cover a lot of water to find a few feeding fish.
Whatever you do, do not avoid getting out on the water for a nice fall day of fishing during these conditions.
** Support our local Bait Shops to assure they will be there when we need them for fresh,
lively baits and current fishing info or advice as well as the latest tackle
  - Just a Thought..   Get Out and ENJOY..!

  ..· `·. ><((((º> ..· `·. .· `·. ><((((º> ,.· `·. ..· `·. ><((((º>
Do Not Forget - - FISHING IS MEANT TO BE FUN - -

  - Fish Facts: Rebel Floating Minnow - As owner of the Plastics Research and Development Company, George Perrin figured he could make an effective, thin-minnow lure more durable, less expensive than wood, and cast further.. In the early 1960s he finally caved a wooden plug to his liking and after creating a mold of it, he manufactured the lures out of plastic. That was the beginning of what become one of the largest lure-manufacturing companies in the world: PRADCO..

Did You Know the State of Illinois offers Awards for Big Fish and for Catch-and-Release and now a Spear/Bow Fishing Award categories and more.
Check the I Fish site or the awards page for details and where you can fill-in and print certificate.

* The New 2016 Illinois Fishing Information guide is now available in PDF format
on the IDNR website . Regulations in the guide are effective through March 31, 2017.
You can read or print a copy (This is a huge file so be prepared)
* One change to take note of is Illinois Free Fishing Days for 2016
will be during the Father´s Day weekend on June 17-20.

  - Fishing Tale/Story:   Kayak - A small boat that allows you to occasionally flip over and be able to see if there are fishing in your area of the lake...


If you are looking for a great deal on maybe the best fish mounting in Central Illinois,
E-mail me and I will give Phone Number.

With cooler weather here, Muskie are getting active..!

For More Fishing photos,     or Check on our Fishing Reports page..

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