Larry's Fishing Hole

"Reflecting Back & Planning Ahead"
From Dec. 2013

  With winter here and our fishing days limited, it is a great time to reflect back on all the great moments (memories) of fishing. We remember as kids fishing with family and how much fun it was not to mention the added reward of the fish fry. As we grew older, we started fishing more and targeted most all the fish species as we traveled further to new and different lakes.
  We also recall the poor weather conditions of past years along with lake levels going from very high to low, but we still managed to adjust and enjoy some good fishing together as well as with close friends. Some of the greatest moments in fishing for us are those treasured times with family and friends along with the cherished moments Linda and I spend together as fishing partners. While reflecting, we are reminded of taking kids fishing, helping pass on the joy of fishing by teaching kids and sharing the thrill they get from catching fish.
  Winter is a great time to look back on your fishing of last year remembering what baits and tackle produced best results, and the lakes you most enjoyed along with those places you wish to return to as you make plans for next year.
  Looking ahead at the many things we do to keep fishing a part of our lives, even during winter, would include the upcoming Fishing Expo or Sports Shows which are a good source of fishing info. We enjoy these shows and the chance to talk with people from tackle companies, Pros, other anglers, the seminars, finding new baits and places to fish. You can find a full schedule of shows on our Website to help you plan the ones you wish to attend.
  When Christmas is near, it is time to find that gift or stocking stuffer for that angler on your list and we have discovered and field tested some great items this year with a couple that are truly worth looking into. The Original Vanilla Bug Spray that repels buffalo gnats, mosquitoes, fleas, biting flies and no-see-ums. Visit and check their New Cedar Woods Mist. And The Ultimate Line Winding System from American Premier has proven to be the perfect accessory as the answer for easily spooling up your reels and avoiding nasty line twist. No surprise that it won BEST OF SHOW at the ICAST 2012 for best Fishing Accessory and we urge you to watch their Video on how well and easy it works at
  For 17 years our Best Times Fishing Calendars had been great gifts and real helpful for anglers. Thanks to all who purchased them and for all the kind words along with those great fish stories about using it, however, our 2013 calendar was the last year.
  As a writer, we have met some of the top pros in the sport of fishing, while getting to share with all those who visit our website the tips, fishing reports, events, news or info and more. Our purpose for writing these articles is to provide anglers with some techniques and tools that work for us, not to try and tell you how to fish. We do not know all there is about fishing and are always learning and trying new techniques, baits or lures and presentations and hope by sharing this will give you an edge. We get pleasure from sharing what we have learned about fishing and we enjoy watching new anglers getting hooked on fishing. Fishing generates Memories that last a Lifetime and Live on through stories anglers tell, now recall your own experiences. God willing, we will share more of our stories and or articles next year with you.
  We wish to say THANKS to all who have shared their fishing reports and photos these past years. Check our website at for lake reports, fishing events or news and sport show schedules.
  Till next Time Merry Christmas, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING !

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