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"Pay Attention to Details"

  If you were to observe a group of several anglers with similar experience, using the same tackle or lures on the same body of water on a given day, you would find there would be a few at the end who caught most of the fish. We feel it is mainly due to the fact those anglers were paying attention to details, started the day with a game plan and just knew what was happening around them. We heard Bill Dance once say “To be a successful angler, you must hone your senses” and as an example he used hearing a splash while fishing. This should instantly signal you that fish are busting the surface and feeding on baitfish.
  This would mean being able to focus on your fishing on the most productive spots and fine tuning your presentation and techniques to best fit conditions. To do this you need to be able to remember things that helped you catch fish such as weather, wind, air and water temperatures or even water conditions. Add to these the type of lures or baits and type of retrieve as well as many other details.
  Those successful anglers have the ability to concentrate and develop a fishing plan based on current conditions. They have the ability to fit together all the pieces into a productive day of fishing by being observant. You will also notice these anglers are not blindly casting to unknown spots. If you are a versatile angler and fish your home lake often enough, you will most likely consistently catch fish because in time you have learned what lures, what presentations and the best possible spots to fish. This is something we mentioned in past articles and is what helps you gain confidence.
  While giving my talk a couple years ago on having confidence in your fishing and fishing spots, I was asked how long do you fish a spot you have confidence in before you move on. Good question because years ago I was bad about over working an area before moving. So long I would lose my concentration and technique. Today we will fish a spot for about 15 minutes trying different lures and presentations but once our confidence fades we move on and we have become much better anglers. And remember that while fishing an area not only lure selection but depth and retrieve are also important details too.
  During our early years of fishing, we both learned to pay attention by fishing with experienced anglers and if you get that opportunity, you should not pass it up.
  Whether you fish at the front of the boat, back of the boat or not from a boat, it is important to be observant and pay attention to what is happening around you and we hope this will help you to focus on what you are doing to become a more consistent angler. It helped us and we know it will help you, too.
  If you are looking for the right fishing tool as a gift for that angler on your list, check our website for details along with our product reviews, more fishing material and a listing of Fishing Events at Again this year we will keep our Fishing Reports page updated each week during the fishing season.
  Till Next Time, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING !

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