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Fishing The Moon

  We have fished for many years and tried many different lures, techniques, read articles and kept fishing logs to improve our fishing. We were really curious about these Lunar Tables and what part the moon really played in our fishing but I was somewhat skeptical. A review of our fishing logs as compared to Lunar Tables, lead us to believe fishing activity was truly affected by the Moons Position and its Phase. But what convinced us of the power of the moon was 3 years of testing fish activity during lunar periods.
  Before we go any further, lets 1st clear up one thing, There Is No Bad Time To Go Fishing and the Best Time Is Whenever You Get The Chance. But not all times are equal, sometimes are better and I am sure you have had a day when fish would hit anything for a couple hours but next day they would not bite at all. The fact is the Moon Does have an influence on the Earth, Water and All Life forms and what we found is there are definitely four periods each day when there is more activity in the water.
  We are not the only anglers who believe in the effects of the moon; Joe Bucher writes several articles on the moon and many guides we talk to are included. Most recently we fished with Norfork Lake Striper Guide Tom Reynolds of STR Outfitters who states the moon greatly affects the stripers mood. We have also noticed the Muskie anglers seem to pay more attention to the moon than other anglers. And hunters are the others who always know that fish and game are most active during certain moon periods.
  The point is we or any tables are not trying to tell you when to fish but how to fish by using this knowledge of when fish would be most actively or aggressively feeding. The periods we are talking about are two “major” periods when the moon is overhead and underfoot and/or the “minor” periods when the moon rises and sets. The time of day for these periods is based on the latitude and longitude of your area and of course some occur during nighttime hours.
  We can all agree that fish can be most active much of the year at sunrise and sunset, but some of the best fishing can take place at odd hours. Also, we all may understand that the full and new moon phases effects fish movements and mostly into seasonal patterns such as the Spawn. But a notable period is that half-moon phase that coincides with sunrise and/or sunset, thus the Solar factor = Solunar period. These were days I took off work and fished.!
  To take advantage of these peak moon periods, use the time of year or season you are fishing. By this we mean, during late fall, winter and early spring look for those periods that occur during mid-day and summer months go with early or late in the day periods.
  We know this sounds so complicated but you can calculate or find these periods for your area. We post best days on our website and at times will list time periods for the Central Illinois area too. For years we had our own Fishing Calendar but no longer produce it but still do watch the moon times for our fishing.
  However, there are other factors that can influence fishing that a calendar cannot predict. These are barometric pressures, wind, weather and high or low water conditions. These conditions are a whole other article that we may try to cover later next year. Therefore, just be aware of the weather and be prepared to adjust.
  Bottom line is go fishing when you can, do not stay home because you are not in a peak period but utilize this fishing tool and knowledge to better plan how you will fish. In other words, if during a major period you can fish faster baits since fish are actively move and during other times knowing fish may be more neutral, fish a slower finesse presentation tighter to cover or in cover. It really works!
  Watch our site for weekly best days and a few time periods at along with current Fishing Reports, News, Tips, and more.

Till Next Time, GOD BLESS !

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