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Truth and the Whole Truth from a Fisherman?

Getting the whole truth from a fisherman may be difficult, especially if you want info on a favorite fishing spot.
We are sure about this since we may have once (or twice) not told the whole truth or given out the full information.
There was a time we had caught a couple real nice walleye at Bull Shoals Lake while staying at Brass Bell Cottages and a fellow angler asked where we caught them and I told him spoon a Fle-Fly slab off the flats. Even though this was the truth, it was not the whole truth, Bull Shoals has several good flats and the walleye could be anywhere from 16' to 45' and we forgot to mention we also caught a good mess of crappie too.
As fisherman, we all inquire, quiz, probe and even pester other anglers for information, because without good info, catching fish can be harder than it needs to be. However, getting good or accurate info, such as locations, baits and presentations may require some special investigative skills to trick or worm info about a good spot out of others.
Many times this may mean giving up one of your good spots to get a new one and you can only hope it was good or accurate info.
Before I had retired, on my job I attended supervisory classes on Human behavior where I learned a few truth-detecting skills (No-Not Torture), such as watching body language.
Another great way to extract the truth comes from the legal professionals in the form of “Remember that you are under oath…”
A good method was used by our doctor as we were to get our flu shot and while holding the syringe up to me he asked “Where are you catching the best fish lately?” Well, I would never lie to my doctor.
As you can tell or maybe you already know that fishermen are not really liars as rumor has it, but they just find it hard to give up The Whole Truth.
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