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  We find this subject difficult to put into words but we have been asked many times “What are the best baits, lures or colors”. Our answer usually is “Your confidence baits” which leads to a couple more questions, such as, “What is a confidence bait” or “How do we develop and gain confidence in a bait”. This confidence can also be in the techniques you use while fishing select baits.
  A confidence bait or technique is one of those select lures, your go-to bait you use when fishing gets tough because you know you can catch fish with it and usually you can if you believe you can. We have heard Kevin VanDam say his No.1 lure in the boat is confidence. To develop this kind of confidence in a bait, you must take time to use it, learn it and master that bait or lure. You may still experience a technique or bait that just does not work for you, but we feel you can find many that will work for you if you will experiment. Since we all have our favorite techniques and styles, you can find yourself using the same tackle over and over again. This is why we are continually experimenting and trying to learn something new with each outing. Trying new baits or lures and experimenting some will help you learn more about the sport of catching fish and developing that confidence that can have a huge impact on your fishing success.
  We recall our yearly fishing trip to some friend’s area lakes where they just wanted to anchor up, use the same baits and target the same fish. During one of these trips the fishing was really slow, so to avoid growing tired, I picked up another rod, tied on a top water lure and cast around while we were anchored. Within a few minutes, I had caught a couple nice bass. Well you guessed it, they asked what I was using and I bet you can guess my answer. We tried several times to help him use a topwater lure, to only see many lost in trees, etc. But he kept trying and one day he connected along a weedline with several good fish. As we look back at the photos we took that day, we knew he had confidence by remembering him saying “I got it and I like it”.
  Do not take us wrong, because our friend was a fairly good angler but once he tried and learned other baits, he gained the confidence he needed in his fishing and helping him determine what baits to use which is a very important factor in consistently catching fish.
  In fact, I have so much confidence in my favorite topwater lure that I have experienced great success when this bait was not appropriate for the conditions. We not only have great confidence in our baits but also in our rods and the lines we use but also the renewed confidence we had in our past Fishing Calendar major time periods.
  We want to stress that you try some new baits, lures or techniques and take the time to learn and develop more confidence while finding these experiences to be remembered for a lifetime. And ultimately you will gain the confidence in yourself to know the baits to use for different conditions leading to certainty which is the key to being more successful.
  This is easy for us to say since our business affords us the opportunity to test and experiment with many fishing products which we will continue to share with you. For our past field testing results, read more on our site Product Test page.
  Visit us at for current fishing reports, more product reviews, or read our Places To Go page for our recent great stays and more.
  Protect Yourself from the Hot Sun and Drink Plenty of Water
  Till Next Time, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING.!

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