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As the year is ending and we get into January, this signals the start of the Fishing & Sport Shows for the next couple months. These Fishing Shows are a great opportunity to meet and talk with some fishing experts for new tips and information. A chance to see all the new and latest fishing products, get facts or answers from many company representatives and learn some of the most up-to-date fishing techniques during the many different free and new seminars. You will find demonstrations, displays and exhibits for tackle manufacturers from all over as well as getting to meet and talk with resort or lodge owners along with meeting many fishing guides or charter captains. We have found this to be a great way to put together and plan a vacation with some Big Savings as well as making some great contacts.
You can also find areas to actually take part in some events and if luck is on your side you can go home with give-a-way merchandise.
These shows offer a great opportunity to see new and all types of fishing rods available. We always are reminded of something a rod rep told us several years ago and that is when buying a new rod, bring the reel with you or find one there to try. This is the only way to assure it will be comfortable for you. One other word of advice we use is to make a list of tackle or gear we need so we do less impulse buying during these shows.
We have attended or took part in 4-6 different Fishing Shows in past years and over time have attended most all of the shows put on in Illinois. They supply a wealth of information on outdoors or fishing and places to stay.
What we enjoy about these shows is getting to meet and talk with new people, getting to hear those fantastic fishing stories and we feel the interaction at these shows give us a positive attitude, one of the essentials for good fishing. The other three are knowledge, concentration and practice.
After attending all these fishing shows, we can hardly wait to try out the new tackle and products we secured to field test or go on the fishing trips we booked or talked about. Most of all we want to put to use the new techniques we learned while attending those shows.
If you are feeling shut in while waiting for Good Fishing weather, take in one of the local Sports Shows and we are sure you will benefit from the experience.
In fact, you may even win a raffle.
Watch our site for New Product reviews during this year and you can find a full schedule list of all sport shows on our website at
We wish to say THANKS to all who visit our site and read our articles..!
Be SAFE on the ICE (if conditions permit),
and Till Next Time GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING !

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