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Repair Cork Fishing Rod Grip

With fishing season winding down some, it is a good idea to repair cracks and holes in the cork grip of fishing rods
  to prevent further damage and need to replace. If the cork handle on your fishing rod has deteriorated
  and has holes or chips, it is time to repair before they break up more and weaken.
  Here is a quick fix that will extend the life of your grip.
- Get a clean & dry wine cork and just sand on it with 220- to 240-grit sandpaper making a fine cork dust.
- After you collect about a teaspoon of this powder, mix in some wood glue creating a smooth paste like cookie dough.
- With a pointed tool, clean out holes or pits and fill in with your patch material leaving a little excess patch material
  as it will shrink as it dries. If needed, you can repeat the process to fill flush with the grip.
- Once filler is dried, buff with sandpaper, starting with 180-grit and finish with 240-grit to smooth out.
  Wipe with wet cloth, let dry and finish with some Cork Sealer.

- You can also make old cork handles seem new again by installing Heat Shrink Tubing.

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